The Iao and Waihee aquifer areas, on the eastern side of West Maui Mountain, are the principal source of domestic water supply for the island of Maui.
The Iao aquifer lies on the flank of West Maui Mountain and encompasses about 24.7 square miles. The boundaries of the Iao aquifer are: he ridge south of Waihee River and north of Kalepa Gulch extending from the coast to the summit of West Maui Mountain; the crest of the West Maui Mountain; the ridge north of Waikapu Stream extending from the crest to the isthmus; and the southern divide of Iao Stream to Kahului Bay.The area is characterized by a steep and mountainous region to the west, an area of sloping alluvial and colluvial plains extending east from the mountains, and an area of lithified sand dunes and coastal plains near the ocean. The adjacent aquifer area north of the Iao aquifer is the Waihee aquifer which extends north to Kahakuloa Stream.
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