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25-29 Sep 2017 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

44th IAH Congress


Groundwater Heritage and Sustainability. Eight main congress topics have been established under this theme: 1) Groundwater heritage - passing benets to current and future generations; 2) Groundwater modelling; 3) Groundwater monitoring - new approaches; 4) Groundwater in karst systems; 5) Groundwater and dependent ecosystems; 6) Hydropower and geothermal energy; 7) Sustainable management of groundwater resources; 8) Mineral waters and human health. 

Mid-congress excursions are being planned to several hydrogeologically-diverse and interesting localities, including the Dubrovnik hinterland, the beautiful islands of the Ela
ti archipelago and the Mljet National Park. Post-congress excursions will oer a chance to visit to some of the most famous localities in the Dinaric karst including the Jadro spring which is used to supply Split, the Plitvice Lakes National Park (tufa barrier lakes), the Blue and Red Lakes (famous sinkholes) and the Buna Spring (the largest karst spring in the Dinarides) and other localities.

Price: See website for details

Organised by The IAH National Chapter of Croatia.

During the 44th IAH Congress the Costal Aquifers Dynamics and Coastal Zone Management Network will have its meeting on Tuesday 26th September from 17 to 19 in the room the Organizing Commitee will indicate us.