Israel Carmel coastal areas
The interrelation between multi layered aquifer and the sea was studied in several
locations in the coastal area of Gaza Strip (near Gaza city and near Rafah) and in the coastal area of the Carmel (Dor Bay).
In the Rafah area (southern Gaza Strip), the interface was found at very shallow
depths in both upper sub-aquifers (~9 and 16 meters) at 150 m from the sea. The
interface was sharp, especially in the confined unit, with the change from 20% to 90% seawater occurring within ~2 meters. Preliminary results show evidence for current seawater intrusion by the increase in the EC (Electrical Conductivity) of bottom water from 36 mS/cm to 48 mS/cm from January to June 2013, probably due to overpumping in this area.
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